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The Fury of a Patient Man (Tarde para la ira) (2016)

Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Action

Director: Raúl Arévalo
Writers: Raúl Arévalo, David Pulido
Starring: Antonio de la Torre, Luis Callejo, Ruth Díaz, Raúl Jiménez

Madrid, August 2007. Curro was the only one arrested for the robbery of a jewelry store. Eight years later, his girlfriend Ana and their son are waiting for Curro to get out of prison. Jose is a solitary and reserved man who just doesnt seem to fit in anywhere. One morning he goes for a coffee at the bar where Ana and her brother work. That winter his life gets interwoven with the others' at the bar, who take him in as one of their own, and especially with Ana's, who sees this newcomer as a possible outlet for her distressing life. Upon completing his jail sentence, Curro gets out with the hope of starting his life with Ana over again. But everything has changed in just a very short time. Curro will find himself with a confused woman, and a man who shatters all his expectations. He cant even begin to imagine the extent to which Jose is going to alter his plans. This stranger will force to him to confront old ghosts from the past. Both men will undertake a strange and frantic three-day trip, a violence-filled journey that will force them to live together, to play a game of relentless confrontation, and will inevitably make them understand each other and sink the, beyond redemption into an abyss of revenge. A story about the violent nature of human beings and the illusion of redemption.

Plot summary from IMDb: José is a silent and circumspect man who spend his days in a bar with the owner Juanjo and their friends. Suffering insomnia, José interests Ana, Juanjo's sister-in-law, who works as waiter in the bar of his brother, talking by Internet with her during the night. But the tranquility ends when Curro, Juanjo's brother, is freed from the jail after eight years by a robbery to a jewelry where the salesman ended in a permanent coma and the saleslady was killed by one of the thieves. After a strong discussion between Curro and Ana, José moves Ana and her little son to his cottage to keep them away from Curro, taking advantage the situation to kidnap Curro in order to discover the identity of the rest of the band, seeking revenge for the salesman and the saleslady dead, who really were José's father and girlfriend. Forced to it if he wants see Ana and his son again, Curro and José start a travel by some towns looking for the Curro's partners in crime, knowing that if anyone stops it, Curro probably ends being another victim more of the blind fury of José...

Awards: 30 wins & 26 nominations.
Runtime: 92 min



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