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About Good Movies Box

For as long as movies have existed, they had the extraordinary ability to provide an escape from the reality of everyday life and give entrance to a whole new universe.

But nowadays, with the overwhelming amount of movies out there, we have the tendency to spend almost as much time searching for a good movie as watching the movie itself.

Of course, there are plenty of popular movies that everybody loves, produced for entertainment and mass audiences, but sometimes all we need is something different, not just another blockbuster hit.

In our opinion, good movies are the ones that absorb you, stay with you for forever and you would recommend them to just about anyone, anytime.

So, if you need a good movie to watch and you're one of those social media junkies who enjoy a long weekend again, have a bad day like many others, or probably you just belong to that lucky group of people who have absolutely nothing important to do and your day is too boring to start cleaning that load of rubbish that’s been piling around in the corner of your room, you've come to the best destination.

Our list of movie suggestions takes out the guesswork and helps you find good movies that you're likely to enjoy. Rest assured, every movie showcased on this website is worth watching.

Choose from our wide variety of hand-picked, good movies to watch ranging from genres like comedies and thrillers to intense drama and horror stories, all carefully tagged by mood and related terms to ensure the best browsing experience. To make your job easier and to confirm the movie's value, every page includes links and ratings from three of the top movie ranking websites, IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Also, for every movie, you have easy access to iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, where you watch them on any device that can stream movies, including iPhones, Android devices and tablets.

Along with the the most high rated and critically acclaimed flicks that have managed to score full house at every single premier, we have collected some of those rare and lesser known, but totally fascinating movies that had gone unnoticed into the piling collection of those cliché ridden and picaresque commercial movies that are flooding the market nowadays.

New suggestions are always welcomed! So, if you know any good movies to watch that we could feature on Good Movies Box, we invite you to submit them here and help the collection grow.


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