Wrath of Silence (Bao lie wu sheng) movie still
Wrath of Silence (Bao lie wu sheng) movie poster

Wrath of Silence (Bao lie wu sheng) (2017)

Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery

Director: Yukun Xin
Writer: Yukun Xin
Starring: Wu Jiang, Yang Song, Wenkang Yuan, Zhuo Tan

Zhang Baomin is a miner who works far away from home because of some disputes he had with the townsfolk years ago, whilst his wife and son remain near the mountains running a small sheep farm. One day, Baomin learns that his son Lei hasn't come back from shepherding for two days. He goes back to find his son. His appearance back in town makes people anxious. Searching for his son, Baomin heads for the rough and dangerous mountains, but the resentment and distrust of the townsfolk leads them to turn a blind eye to the reality of a missing child, and the corruption and danger permeating their lives.

Plot summary from IMDb: In 21 Century, a small town in Northern China. There are rich mineral resources in endless mountains. The owners make great fortune and step into the higher class. They change everything with money, but bring disasters to mountain farmers. They are unconscious of darks and dangers until a shepherd boy disappears one day...

Awards: 6 wins & 15 nominations.
Runtime: 120 min
Not R



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