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The Fall (2006)

Drama, Adventure, Fantasy

Director: Tarsem Singh
Writers: Dan Gilroy, Nico Soultanakis, Tarsem Singh, Valeri Petrov
Starring: Catinca Untaru, Lee Pace, Justine Waddell, Kim Uylenbroek, Aiden Lithgow

"A Little Blessing In Disguise."

A strange, beautiful, fantastic and surreal story of mythical heroes on an epic quest alternates with the relationship between the story teller, an injured stuntman, and a five-year-old immigrant girl with a broken arm and a very vivid imagination, who meet in a hospital on the outskirts of Los Angeles in the 1920's.

The film, which, courtesy of the unique vision of Indian director Tarsem Singh, exhibits a stylistically stunning visual narrative that no true film enthusiast should miss, also pays tribute to early-century cinema and the stuntmen that made it so spectacular.

Plot summary from IMDb: At a Los Angeles hospital in the 1920s, Alexandria is a child recovering from a broken arm. She befriends Roy Walker, a movie stunt man with legs paralyzed after a fall. At her request, Roy tells her an elaborate story about six men of widely varied backgrounds who are on a quest to kill a corrupt provincial governor. Between chapters of the story, Roy inveigles Alexandria to scout the hospital's pharmacy for morphine. As Roy's fantastic tale nears its end, Death seems close at hand.

Awards: 3 wins & 7 nominations.
Runtime: 117 min



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