Burning (Beoning) movie still
Burning (Beoning) movie poster

Burning (Beoning) (2018)

Drama, Mystery

Director: Chang-dong Lee
Writers: Jungmi Oh, Chang-dong Lee, Haruki Murakami
Starring: Steven Yeun, Ah-in Yoo, Jong-seo Jun, Soo-Kyung Kim

"Now Tell the Truth."

The difficult life of Jongsu, a frustrated introvert, is complicated by the appearance of two people into his orbit: first, Haemi, a spirited woman who offers romantic possibility, and then, Ben (Steven Yeun), a wealthy and sophisticated young man she returns with from a trip. When Jongsu learns of Ben’s mysterious hobby and Haemi suddenly disappears, his confusion and obsessions begin to mount, culminating in a stunning finale.

Plot summary from IMDb: Jong-su bumps into a girl who used to live in the same neighborhood as him, who asks him to look after her cat while on a trip to Africa. When back, she introduces Ben, a mysterious guy she met there, who confesses his secret hobby.

Awards: N/A
Runtime: 148 min
Not R



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